Young Marlburian Bursary Scheme

Young Marlburian FoundationThe Young Marlburian Bursary Scheme, established by the Young Marlburian Foundation (YMF), is a new initiative set up by a group of 20 something year-olds, Old Marlburians, in collaboration with the Marlborough College Foundation and with the support of the Master.

What is the scheme?
The Young Marlburian Bursary Scheme aims to educationally support inspirational but underprivileged secondary school students by raising funds for them to attend Marlborough College, either for Sixth Form or for the full five years. What makes the scheme unique is that it will be funded entirely by young Old Marlburians, between the ages of 18 and 40.
The scheme will be open to both boys and girls. The only requisite is that they are UK nationals and that they possess the all-round promise and academic potential needed to be considered exceptional individuals.

Why do it?
Education is key in shaping the life of any child. We have all been extremely lucky in receiving a first class education and the YMF feels a responsibility to give other individuals, with true ambition and drive, a chance to realise their full potential, and to change their destiny in a way that would otherwise not be possible. We are all at an age where we could work together to really make a difference.
This scheme aims to also encourage those at public school who are still in the education system to reflect on, and hopefully further appreciate, the education bestowed upon them. The scheme will hopefully instil in future OMs the awareness to ‘give back’ and support those who are less fortunate than themselves. 

Has this been done before?
Several members of the young Marlburian Foundation have prior experience with similar schemes. Marlborough already has several successful bursaries in place that provide funding for underprivileged students. Most importantly, Marlborough is very enthusiastic about expanding the number of these bursaries.
We very much hope that you will want to be part of this scheme and support the Young Marlburian Foundation. If we all contribute towards the Young Marlburian Bursary Scheme, we could really change lives for the better.
Antonia Packard - Chairman

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Bojana Papic (SU 2009-11)
"I come from Bosnia and Herzegovina, a country which, while beautiful and full of cultural interest is also still feeling the effects of the civil war that occurred fifteen years ago. Three years ago I was awarded a scholarship through HMC projects in Eastern Europe to study in the Upper School at Marlborough College. It was an honour to be accepted by the school, not only as a student, but as a member of the community. Life at Marlborough was an inspiring experience, through which I learned how to adapt to an unfamiliar environment, new cultures and different academic and social rules that has enriched not only my perception of the world, but also my perception of myself.

The chance to study at Marlborough College has been a gateway to a completely new world, a place of opportunities and possibilities. I have grown up in a country torn between past and present, with ruins and reminders of the war and its horrors, and a desperate need to forget, develop and embrace a better future. I have been able to see what war and strife can do to a country, but now I can also see how important it is that as the country goes into a new era of development, it is rebuilt with skill and beauty. I would support any scheme that gives young students the chance to fulfill their potential and make a difference."



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