Types of Legacy

There are several ways that you can include a gift in your will:

A residuary legacy
This leaves all or part of what remains of your estate once your expenses and other bequests have been met. Many people choose to give a residual gift because it maintains its value with inflation.

A pecuniary legacy
This leaves a specific sum of money to the Foundation.

A specific legacy
This is a specified possession (such as a work of art, a property or stocks and shares) which you gift to the Foundation.

A revisionary legacy
Provides for your family and friends first and then benefits Marlborough. It involves leaving your assets to trustees so that the beneficiaries can enjoy income during their life, with the whole or a portion reverting to Marlborough only on their death.

Nominate the Foundation as a beneficiary
This leaves a specified sum in your Pension or SIPP (self-invested personal pension).

There are a number of other types of legacy that you can give and your solicitor will be able to advise you of these in more detail.