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Memorial Hall Appeal - The Next Steps
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Plans for the restoration of the Memorial Hall have taken shape.

Our aim is to deliver an auditorium with improved back of house facilities, an enhanced audience experience through better acoustics and lighting, and to preserve the Hall as an important memorial and fitting tribute those who gave their lives in the Great War and subsequent conflicts.

Summary of main improvements:

Improvements to the Memorial Hall aspect of the Hall
• Enhancement of the visibility of the 749 inscribed names along the ambulatory by the removal of the plinth and seating along the back wall.
• Addition  of subtle lighting to the 749 names

Improvements to the auditorium space
• Increase of the maximum occupancy from 540 to 750
• Creation of two new entrances/ fire exits at lower ground floor level  linked to the main level by two vomitoria 
• Widening of the proscenium arch to achieve a larger stage with improved acoustics and sight lines
• Creation of proper back stage facilities by opening up the available space

Improvement to the technical performance of the auditorium
• Improved acoustics both for performers and audience with the addition of a ceiling baffle, together with acoustical panels and curtains along the back wall
• New stage lighting and technical equipment
• A new solid wooden stage, with an easy to dismantle section
• Replacement of the existing obtrusive control box by a slim open balcony control  station

Improvement of the audience facilities
• Reupholstery of the bench seating to achieve maximum comfort
• Addition of a new raised row of seating to the back of the existing rows
• Better disabled access including the provision of a new stair lift
• Creation of washrooms at lower ground floor level linked internally to the main auditorium

Improvements to the fabric of the building
• Remedial works to the fabric of the building including rendering  it water tight
• Replacement of the aged mechanical and electrical installations including a new boiler and ventilation system to the main auditorium

These plans leave in place the two existing entrances along the Bath Road facade and the engravings within them. At stage level, they eke out the maximum backstage space possible with further rationalisation of the back of house facilities on the next level up, hugely improving the functionality of the building.

By adding further entrances at this lower level we will be able to accommodate a larger audience within the Memorial Hall since a major obstacle in this respect has been health and safety regulations. And, of course, our plans bring the building back into pristine repair and fit for the next hundred years of College use.

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