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Memorial Hall Restoration Update
06 July 2017

After closing on Monday 3rd July, work swiftly began for the restoration and upgrade of the listed Memorial Hall.

It is anticipated that the iconic building will reopen by June 2018, with its character very much intact, but the facilities, seating capacity and the memorial aspect to the 749 men who lost their lives in WWI and subsequent conflicts, vastly improved.

In November 2016, the College contributed £2.5m to the £6m cost, with the remainder met through the Memorial Hall Appeal fundraising campaign.

Work is now underway and exclusive images from the renovation phase will appear via the links below:

Gallery: Tuesday 18th July 2017

Lord Malloch-Brown - 749 Society Lecture
10 March 2017

Members of the 749 Society, and the Upper School, were treated to a fascinating inaugural Society lecture by Lord Malloch-Brown, in the Memorial Hall, on Thursday 9th March.

Lord Malloch-Brown’s talk highlighted the current complexity of world affairs and he gave an absorbing insight into his views and experience.

Before the talk, the Master Jonathan Leigh and the Chairman of the Appeal, Paul Orchard-Lisle CBE TD DL, hosted guests to an enjoyable reception in the Garnett Room.

The 749 Society members have supported the Memorial Hall Appeal with a gift of £6,000 or above. Gifts can be spread over time. As well as membership of the Society, members are entitled to a name on the Donor Recognition Wall adjacent to the Mem Hall.

If you would like to find out more, please contact Development Manager, Jan Perrins, on 01672 892439 or email

Video: Mound Trust Film
01 March 2017

A new 35-minute documentary explores the past, present and future of the Marlborough Mound. This film uncovers the history of the Mound, explaining its legacy to those unaware of its profound importance, and to those curious about the unknown.

Telling stories of the local area dating back to the Mound’s construction in around 2400 bc, and including key moments of Neolithic heritage, Norman royal occupation and prestigious 18th-century garden and landscape design, the film focuses on a great panoply of human interactions with this extraordinary ancient monument.

Click Here to view the film

The film stands as an historic document: a record of how the modern world of archaeology investigates and speculates about the origins of the Mound. But the film also presents at least three rival strands of interpretation of this historic site, urging viewers to question their own understanding and beliefs about the Mound.

Should the Mound be seen as an ancient ritual site associated with the worship of water and fertility by early farming communities? Or should it rather be seen as the burial site of Merlin, as claimed in the Marlborough town motto, “Where now are the bones of wise Merlin”? Did the succession of kings and queens who frequented the royal castle on the site believe that Merlin was trapped for eternity in the Mound? What did poets in receipt of Lady Hertford’s patronage think, as they recited their works in her shell grotto for the delight of her fellow ‘nymphs and muses’?

This film covers popular myths, newly discovered scientific evidence from carbon-dating and cultural evolution in the hands of Lady Hertford and the Seymour family; and, in doing so, covers 4,500 years of national heritage. Most of all, the film urges us not to regard this remarkable monument as ‘an artefact’ whose story has ended, but as a living, changing being whose mystery continues to draw in and enchant those whose minds remain open to the magic of this place.

The production of this film was made possible only through the imagination and generosity of Eric Elstob (C2 1956-60) who left a legacy to fund the Mound Trust.

Thanks are due also to Michael Macfadyen (C2 1956-61), Chairman of the Mound Trust, and to his fellow Trustees. Much of the research for the script and screenplay, including the interviewing, was done by recent OMs,

Sophie Kidwell (MO 2008-13), Georgia Stratham (EL 2008-13), Will Perry (B1 2007-12), Maeve Mahony (NC 2011-16), Molly Macaire (NC 2011-16), Sarah Whitham (LI 2013-15) and Marcus Miller (C3 2011-16).

Memorial Hall Update
17 February 2017

Full planning for the restoration and upgrade of the listed Memorial Hall has been granted so the Master has announced that it will close on Monday 3rd July for work to commence.

It is anticipated that the iconic building will reopen by June 2018, with its character very much intact but facilities, seating capacity and the memorial aspect to the 749 men who lost their lives in WWI and subsequent conflicts, vastly improved.

In November, the College contributed £2.5m to the £6m cost, leaving just under £900,000 to find. We are extremely grateful to those who have already supported but still need more help.

If you would like to find out more about the plans please see the Next Steps Booklet or to make a gift, please click here.

Janet Perrins
Development Manager

Memorial Hall Support
16 January 2017

Twelve invited guests attended a lunch hosted by the Master and his wife in in the Master’s Lodge on Saturday 14th January.

The parents were invited to enable the Master to thank them personally for their significant support of the Memorial Hall Appeal.

It was a really enjoyable occasion, with lively discussion and chat on the many significant happenings both at Marlborough and the world!

To find out more about the Memorial Hall Appeal, please click here.

1843 Carol Service
02 December 2016

Members of the 1843 Society are invited to a drinks reception hosted by the Master, Jonathan Leigh, in The Mount House Gallery followed by carols in Chapel on Saturday 10th December.

The 1843 Society was created, in recognition of our founders’ vision and foresight, to allow the Master and staff to thank all those who have a provision for, or are considering leaving, a legacy in their will to the College.

If you are interested in finding out more about the work of the Society and would like to attend the carols, please do call Jan Perrins, Development Manager, on 01672 892439 or email.

A Summer Evening at Highclere Castle
09 June 2016

Around 200 guests attended a fundraising evening at Highclere Castle on Wednesday 8th June, helping to raise over £36,000 for Bursaries and Capital Projects.

The event, hosted by the Earl and Countess of Canarvon, began with a welcome from the Master, Jonathan Leigh, who gave an overview of the current fundraising campaigns.
Guests then enjoyed visits to the Egyptian exhibition and ‘Downton Abbey’ rooms before listening to an enchanting performance from the College Choir in the Saloon.
The pledges and auction items raised funds for bursaries and capital projects with thanks to the all those who donated prizes and supported the event.
Special thanks to: The Earl and Countess of Canarvon, Steven and Cecilia Bishop, Fiona Clare, Rupert Gavin, Sir Clive Gillinson, Matthew and Caroline Imi, Rachel Mylne, Eugene and Zara Shvidler, Cotton House Hotel (Mustique).
A gallery of images from the night can be viewed here.

Highclere Event
06 June 2016

Around 200 guests will gather at Highclere Castle on Wednesday 8th June for a special evening in support of Marlborough College.

The evening, which will be hosted by the Earl and Countess of Canarvon, will include news from The Master, Jonathan Leigh, of the current fundraising campaigns, a performance by the College Choir and an auction.

1843 Society Luncheon
23 May 2016

The 1843 Society Luncheon was held in The Adderley on Sunday 22nd May with 50 guests in attendance.

Those present enjoyed an excellent lunch before hearing from the Master, Jonathan Leigh, and the President of the 1843 Society, Martin Evans. Music scholars Finn Kverndal (C1 Re) and Darcey Goble (MM Sh) gave moving performances after lunch. Those fortunate enough to be in the Adderley thoroughly enjoyed the occasion.

Click here for a gallery of images from the occasion.

Memorial Hall Brochure
06 April 2016

Plans for the restoration of the Memorial Hall have taken shape and an appeal brochure is now available to view online.

Our aim is to deliver an auditorium with improved back of house facilities, an enhanced audience experience through better acoustics and lighting, and to preserve the Hall as an important memorial and fitting tribute those who gave their lives in the Great War and subsequent conflicts.

To find out more about this project and to view the brochure please click here.

Bursary Appeal Brochure
01 March 2016

Since 1843, the founding principle of the College has been to give back and this remains as powerful an idea today as it did then.

The mission of our Bursary Appeal is to return Marlborough to those charitable roots whilst maintaining all that is great about the school today. We are passionate in our determination that a Marlborough education should be an aspiration for everyone.

A Bursary Appeal brochure has been produced and if you are interested in finding out more, please click here.

1843 Society Committee
28 April 2015

Members of the 1843 Society Committee met recently to discuss future events and how best to inform the Marlborough community of its work.

The 1843 Society was created to thank all those who have made, or who are considering making a bequest, in their Will to the College. We recognise the critical contribution that members of this special Society make to Marlborough so members are invited to events at College, to enable us to say thank you, and to keep people informed of developments both inside and outside of the classroom.

The next 1843 Society Lunch is on Sunday 7th June 2015, at which the Master, Jonathan Leigh, and his wife Emma will be present.

If you are interested in finding out more about the work of the 1843 Society do please call Jan Perrins in the Development Office on 01672 892439 or email.

Pictured above (left to right): Jan Perrins, Development Manager; Tim Martin-Jenkins (B3 1961-65); Tony Hill (CO 1949-53); Martin Evans, 1843 Society President; Richard Wells (C2 1946-51); Richard Brown (C1 1965-70) and Jon Copp, Development Director.



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