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The 1843 Society was created for those who have thought of Marlborough College in their Will so we can thank and recognise you for your generosity. By remembering Marlborough in your Will you can both acknowledge the influences that have shaped your life and secure the future strength of this superb College for generations to come.

The Society is a key part of ensuring financial stability for the College, allowing us to continue to provide an excellent education to those from all walks of life, including those who otherwise would not have been able to afford the fees. In order for this to continue, the College needs to build up significant funds not only to preserve its unique heritage but to continue to produce well-rounded individuals that will play a vital part in the global community.

As a thank you to 1843 members for their generosity, the Society currently organises events with like-minded OMs, Parents and Friends such as a summer lunch hosted by the Master and a reception prior to the Carol Service at the College Chapel in early December.  The 1843 Society aims to make you feel an integral part of Marlborough College, recognising your contribution towards its successful future. These events are expected to increase as more OMs consider legacies and bequests to their alma mater.

Provision for family and friends is naturally a priority but we hope you will consider a bequest to Marlborough College Foundation, a registered charity, as it can mitigate your tax liability under Inheritance Tax rules.

The President of the 1843 Society with his Committee will continue to ask OMs who have yet to consider donating to their old school to find out more from the Development Office and see how they can help. Please feel free to contact me via the College on 01672 892439 or email [email protected]

Rupert Mullins (CO 1967-70)
President 1843 Society

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The fund most supported by Legacy Giving is Greatest Needs

A total of £3.2 million has been pledged

There are currently 90 members of the 1843 Society