Our Vision for Science and Innovation

We plan to equip pupils with the skills, confidence and creativity to face the challenges of the Fourth Industrial Revolution, which brings with it advanced robotics, autonomous transport, artificial intelligence, biotechnology and genomics. Taking a different approach to other schools, we will focus on innovation as a contemporary educational philosophy, rather than just creating new spaces and a new building.

Our exciting fundraising appeal for Science, Technology and Innovation aims to raise £5.5 million. We encourage you to play a part in delivering a building project which will resonate for centuries to come, and even more significantly, will initiate a vision for Marlborough which inspires our pupils to push the boundaries academically, will attract the very best teachers, will provide boundless opportunities for new partnerships and will position Marlborough at the forefront of the academic agenda.

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Our Programme of Work

We will transform the listed Newton Building together with the North and South wings, where we teach Physics, Chemistry and Biology.

This will complement the newly constructed Beko Innovation Centre to accommodate the diverse and evolving disciplines of modern technologies and applied science.

Allies and Morrison are the architects commissioned to carry out the work, having completed the beautiful building of Dancy House. They are an internationally renowned architectural practice who have been shortlisted twice for the Stirling Prize and have won over 40 RIBA awards. Their aim is to create a learning environment which is a bridge between the present and the future, in surroundings that are open and accessible to all.

Our Plans

We will maintain the inherent quality and character of the iconic Newton building. However, the congested corridors and outmoded lecture theatres which crowd the centre of the building will make way for a dramatic triple-height central space around which a set of bespoke laboratories and teaching spaces will provide level access for all pupils and building users for the first time. There will be a new tiered exhibition space maintaining the link to the original lecture theatre. This inspiring space will be the centrepiece of a completely refurbished group of science buildings, arranged around a new courtyard garden. A new central link building will connect the listed building with its neighbours in the North and South wings and provide a heart for the new Science department. Though the best of what exists will be reused, the effect will be an entirely new science facility.The new state-of-the-art Innovation Centre is set on two floors and provides 1,070m2 of teaching space.  It is contemporary and bold in its design with a beautiful exterior. The internal layout is designed with maximum flexibility and is infinitely sub-dividable allowing for multiple and ever-changing types of space. This new building provides for both exciting exhibition spaces and for dedicated rooms for use by pupils, partners and collaborators.

Situated at the outermost edge of the College’s built estate, the Innovation Centre engages with the beautiful natural landscape that extends along the River Kennet.

We are very grateful to our donors who helped support The Beko Innovation Centre, which was completed on 31st March 2021.  The building was officially opened by Beko on 14th September 2021 at a special event for our donors and supporters.