Our Appeal

Nearly a hundred years of constant use has taken its toll on the Memorial Hall. At the most basic level, the building is in need of substantial repair, it no longer keeps out the elements, the lower floor is prone to flooding and the lighting system is antiquated.

We also want the Memorial Hall to serve its original purpose as a fitting tribute to the patriotism, courage and sacrifice of the 749 who gave their lives in the Great War and it is difficult to view their engraved names at the back of the Hall.

£6 million is needed to restore the Memorial Hall, £2.5 million of which has been raised to date; the College is matching with £2.5 million, leaving a further £1 million to be raised through fundraising. Therefore, we need the support of Old Marlburians, parents and friends, who care about ensuring the Memorial Hall continues to honour Marlborough’s fallen as well as providing as a performing arts centre for the 21st century.Donate Now



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