Case Studies - Renovation

Help us preserve our magnificent architecture

Chapel InsidePreserving the College's architectural heritage is a constant expense. The Chapel is a magnificent building which makes a powerful and lasting impression upon young Marlburians. It has, after some dramatic structural emergencies, been fully restored and returned to its striking beauty and is now fit to inspire many future generations of Marlburians. This cost in excess of £1m.

Not only was the structure itself restored but over half a million pounds was spent renovating the organ and the Stanhope paintings.

During the coming year there will be further renovation of the buildings in Court. North Block is undergoing significant work and C House was re-roofed at a cost of £500,000. The Chapel steps are being renewed as well as the paved area outside the Memorial Hall.

Speaking of the Mem Hall, this is another important element within the College's soul but it now needs considerable work inside as well as out. Exciting plans for restoration have been drawn up but these will require significant funding if they are to be realised.



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