Case Studies - Capital Projects

Pushing the boundaries

Marlborough has around 870 students and we strive to deliver our education to the highest possible standards. To achieve that we need to ensure that the facilities match our educational aspirations, which can only been done by investing in new facilities and equipment. Over £23m has been invested in the College over the last 10 years.

The Art School is an innovative and imaginative space within which young artists can benefit from great teaching. Significant benefactions were offered to the Foundation in order to create this dynamic centre, which includes exhibition space, facilities for film-making and a range of first-rate teaching areas.

Investment in new projects like the Heywood Building ensure that Marlborough will continue to provide the best possible learning environment to meet the needs of pupils for the forseeable future.

 OrchestraThe Henry Hony Centre, which includes the Ellis Theatre, offers a first-rate set of facilities for the promotionof the performing arts. The Centre is home to a rich programme of musical and dramatic performances and enables young musicians and actors to discuss, polish and elevate their talents.

"We love theatre and now we've got everything we could possibly need and can stage major productions with confidence."



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