Case Studies - Academic Bursaries

Life changing experience

TabithaTabitha Standish-Hayes received a sixth form Foundation Bursary following what she describes as a "patchy education", during which time she spent a number of years living without water and electricity on a canal boat.

Tabitha, who went on to study History at Edinburgh University, says: “Socially and emotionally, the combination of boarding, and being around such amazing people – students and staff - enabled me to grow as a person and to broaden my horizons and aspirations.”

“The two years that I spent at Marlborough have been the best of my life. The scholarship radically changed my life and set me on a path that would otherwise have been impossible. I am incredibly grateful to the Foundation for offering me such an opportunity,” said Tabitha.

On completion of her degree, Tabitha hopes to take a Master’s Degree at Cambridge.



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