OM Futures

OM Futures was a concept created by the OM class of 1990 after more than 100 of the year group attended their 25th anniversary reunion at the college in 2015.

Motivated by the desire to give the incredible advantage of a Marlborough education to the next generation, the group has collectively raised funds to support two pupils on 100% bursaries for the sixth form. The first of these pupils joined the College in September 2018 and the second will start in 2020.

In our view the most enduring quality of a Marlburian is that they are open and independently minded and have the ability to engage and get on with people irrespective of background. These characteristics have always been integral to the DNA of a Marlburian and we hope that the OM futures initiative embodies and perpetuates these characteristics for the past, present and future generations.

The hope of the 1990 OM futures Bursary is that each year group reaching their 25th Anniversary will consider leaving the same legacy for the future.