Donor Groups

Donor Groups

We are indebted to the many donors who make such a difference to the lives of our pupils.

50 Years of Girls Bursary

Olivia Timbs (C1 1970-72) was among the third intake of girls 50 years ago.

Now she is calling on the female OM community to fund a bursary every two years for a talented girl who would otherwise not be able to benefit from the education that Marlborough offers. We need to raise approximately £70,000 so a girl can join the school in 2020. So that this is not a burden on any individual, the funds will be raised on crowd-funding principles. If 600 women contribute £120 over two years – just £5 a month – we can do it.

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OM Futures

OM Futures was a concept created by the OM Class of 1990 after more than 100 of the year group attended their 25th anniversary reunion at the College in 2015.

Motivated by the desire to give the incredible advantage of a Marlborough education to the next generation, the group has collectively raised funds to support a pupil on a 100% bursary for the Sixth Form. The first of these pupils joined the College in September 2018 and the second will start in 2020.The hope of the 1990 OM Futures Bursary is that each year group reaching their 25th anniversary will consider leaving the same legacy for the future.

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Young Marlburian Foundation (YMF)

Education is key in shaping the life of any child. The YMF feels a responsibility to give other individuals, with true ambition and drive, the opportunity to realize their full potential, and to change their lives in a way that would otherwise not be possible.

The Young Marlburian Bursary Scheme, established by the YMF, is an initiative set up by Old Marlburians in their 20’s in collaboration with the Marlborough College Foundation and with the support of the Master. The YMF has its own committee and organises fundraising events as well as encouraging individual gifts.

The bursary scheme funds places for inspirational but underprivileged secondary school students by raising funds for them to attend Marlborough College, either for Sixth Form or for the full five years. What makes the scheme unique is that it will be funded entirely by the work of Old Marlburians aged between 18 and 40.

The YMF aims to encourage both present and past Marlburians to support youngsters less fortunate than themselves by raising funds to support bursaries at Marlborough.

The first YMF bursary recipient graduated in July 2020 with three As and is currently on a gap year. 

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Tessa and Antonia Packard – Family Donation

Why contribute to a Marlborough College bursary? Quite simply, it is my family’s belief that education is key to shaping the life of any child. My sister and I have been extremely lucky to receive a first class education, and in return we feel a responsibility to support individuals, with true ambition and drive, to realise their full potential in a way that may otherwise not be possible. To our minds, it is crucial that we encourage and inspire a sense of charitable culture in schools and alumni groups alike in order to instill both the awareness and the desire to give back.

Over the years we’ve been privileged to work with the College and see first-hand the difference a Marlburian Bursary can make to a young person’s life. But what is in place now is only a drop in the ocean of what is possible. We stand committed to improving and bettering the lives of as many brilliant young pupils as we can, and wish to encourage parents and alumni to do the same in the spirit of philanthropic giving“.

Tessa (TU 2001-03) and Antonia (SU 2002-04) Packard

Case Study

Theo Fetherstone (C1 2011-16)

“The opportunity to study at Marlborough was, for me, the chance of a lifetime. I had aspired to attend a private boarding school despite my family’s finances being far from able to cover such an expense and there were very few options available to me.

It was thanks to the generosity of the Fred Packard (C1 1962-67) Memorial Award that I was able to realize my ambition. After his death Fred’s family generously continued their life changing assistance through their daughters Antonia (SU 2002-04) and Tessa (TU 2001-03).

I can say with certainty that going to Marlborough is one of the most enriching and formative experiences of my life so far. I am grateful that I was given the chance to fulfill my potential and hope that more young people will be able to take the same path. Every bursary place awarded is a step closer to ensuring private education is not unattainable or exclusive.”