Bursary Appeal

Where Potential Meets Opportunity

If the potential is there but the means are not, you can make
a Marlborough education possible.

We provide the opportunity of a life-changing education to talented and deserving pupils who otherwise would not be able to attend this fantastic institution. Bursaries will be awarded to children with the abilities and qualities to thrive as a result of the high academic standards and great facilities that Marlborough College can provide. If these pupils have the personality, ability and determination to succeed, we want to provide them with the opportunity to do so. We are relying on the extraordinary generosity of donors to support bursary funds; by building up endowments whose income will fund places in the College in perpetuity or by supporting annual funds for immediate bursary assistance.

We believe that a Marlborough Education should be available for everyone and as a result, we have always tried to keep an open door to those who have the potential to thrive, and would relish the opportunity to join our Marlborough Community, but could not afford the full fees. This belief stems from the charitable roots of the College, a College founded in 1843 with the prime purpose of educating the sons of the clergy unable to afford the fees at existing schools.

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  • Changing Lives

    In 2017/18, 12 places were funded by 110% bursaries and 107 pupils received financial assistance.

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  • Continued Giving

    By 2022, our aim is to increase fully funded bursary places by 40%

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  • Making a Difference

    In 2017 we raised a total of £348,074 for bursaries. Bursaries are providing pupils with a life-changing opportunity, the chance to study at Marlborough College.

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