Building an Inclusive and Diverse Community

If the potential is there but the means are not, you can make a Marlborough education possible.


An Historic Purpose
Marlborough College was founded to provide an exceptional education for young people from all walks of life and, as a result, has always had a strong social purpose and an ethos of caring for others. In the beginning this was to educate the sons of clergy who could not afford an independent education as well as orphaned children for whom a Marlborough education would be truly transformative.


A New Vision
These founding principles still drive Marlborough today. At the heart of the Master’s vision for the College is widening access and creating a College community that is inclusive and diverse. We have achieved much in recent years, increasing the number of bursaries and the breadth of our partnership work with the state sector, but now we want to go further. We are committed to ensuring that talented young people from all backgrounds can benefit from the exceptional education we provide, regardless of their financial means. We also believe strongly that the whole school benefits from increasing diversity in its pupil body. Arguably, given recent events, there has never been a more important time to focus on these issues.


An Ambitious Goal
Our long-term goal is for 30% of pupils at the College to receive financial assistance, providing a life-changing opportunity for those pupils whilst transforming the school community. There are currently 82 pupils (8%) in receipt of a bursary, 17 of whom receive a full bursary. For more information on the difference that donations make, please see our latest impact report.


Your Support
We are grateful to the extraordinary generosity of our donors who are already supporting bursary funds, whether it is by helping us build our endowment, which provides an income to fund places in the College in perpetuity, or by supporting annual funds for immediate bursary assistance. If you would like to find out more about how you can play a part in providing a gift of a life changing education, please do get in touch.

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  • Changing Lives

    In 2019/20, £2,017,902 was spent on 82 bursaries.

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  • Continued Giving

    By 2022, our aim is to increase fully funded bursary places by 40%

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  • Making a Difference

    In 2017 we raised a total of £348,074 for bursaries. Bursaries are providing pupils with a life-changing opportunity, the chance to study at Marlborough College.

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