Our Aims

The Development Plan 2011-2023

Recognising the need for sustained investment, the College has instigated a Development Plan that is one of the most far-reaching capital programmes to be implemented by any independent school. With a portfolio of many fine buildings, we have been investing operational surplus and other funds into sensitive restorations that ensure individual traditions and characteristics are preserved, whilst equipping our facilities for the educational possibilities of the future. The Plan assumes broad estimates for costs to each building with a total projected cost of £95 million, over a period of twelve years.

Apart from fulfilling the College’s development aims, the Plan will ensure that a routine cycle of maintenance and refurbishment can be introduced which will ensure every building remains in good condition.

It would be impossible to fund the entire Development Plan out of the College’s surpluses and alternative sources of income, through fundraising, commercial enterprise, some capital sales and borrowing need to be identified.

 The chart below identifies the sources and division of funding:



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