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Young Marlburian FoundationThe Young  Marlburian Foundation (YMF) is an initiative established three years ago by a group of Old Malburians in their twenties in collaboration with - and with the support of - Marlborough College and the Master.

YMF aims to encourage both present and past Marlburians to support youngsters less fortunate than themselves by raising funds to support bursaries at Marlborough via the Young Marlburian Bursary Scheme. The scheme aims to educationally support exceptional, underprivileged secondary school students by raising funds for them to attend Marlborough, either for Sixth Form or for the full five years. What makes the scheme unique is that it will be funded entirely by Old Marlburians between the ages of 18 and 40. Both boys and girls can apply for an award. The only requisite is that they are UK nationals.

YMF is delighted to announce that the first recipient of a YMF bursary will join Marlborough in Shell 2015.

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