£250,000 Secured for New Parental Hardship Fund

The global economy has been hit hard by the Coronavirus and as a result some Marlborough families have found themselves facing financial hardship. Last month the College launched a new parental hardship fund to support those families who have been impacted and who may struggle to pay the fees now and in the future. We asked our parents to consider making a gift to the fund and the result has been remarkable with 30 parents donating over £125,000 so far.

Louise Moelwyn-Hughes, Master of Marlborough College, said “We are extremely grateful to all those parents who have supported this new fund. The money will make a real difference to many families who need support at this difficult time”.

The College is going to match the money donated, meaning that the fund now has in excess of £250,000. Donations towards the fund can be made here. Parents who need financial support at this time should contact Hannah Mack, Director of Finance, via hmack@marlboroughcollege.org.

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