1843 Society

Marlborough College was founded in 1843 with the primary purpose of providing an excellent education for the sons of Church of England clergy.

The 1843 Society was created, in recognition of our founders’ vision and foresight, to allow the Master and staff to thank all those who have a provision for, or are considering leaving, a legacy in their will to the College.

The Society meets annually for lunch and to hear from the Master about progress towards the College’s vision.

John Luby says "Good education is the best gift a child can receive."

Dr John and Janice Luby, pictured at an 1843 Society lunch,
are members of the 1843 Society.

Dr John and Janice Luby are members of the 1843 Society, both their their children having attended Marlborough College.

"Good education is the best gift a child can receive. It provides them with a platform to make a success of their lives. This in turns gives them good feelings about themselves, with long term employment, which brings prosperity to the country.

“We have always taken the view that Marlborough College has provided first rate education and with the backing and support of the parents, the pupils are exceptionally well placed to make an impact on their lives and potentially the country. This is why we are committed to leaving a legacy," said John and Janice Luby, explaining their decision to leave a legacy to the College.

Donors who make substantial bequests can have their name associated with a particular bursary or new development within the school (see Naming Opportunities). We are aiming to acknowledge all of our donors unless anonymity is requested.

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